R a i s i n g  T h e  B a r

Does Your Email Marketing Solution
Generate Immediate And Actionable Results?

E-mail marketing solutions typically track who open and click hyperlinks within your message; Is that really enough?  IntelliClick tracks more and takes action.

If you target other businesses, IntelliClick offers a powerful digital marketing solution that engages your audience and sales team. Immediate e-mail or text message alerts, along with web site visitor page views, combine to provide valuable insight into your target audience interests. Results are added to your GoldMine CRM system in "real time", allowing timely follow-up to be made by sales and marketing.

Go "beyond the click"  and instantly engage with your audience. One mouse click allows your campaign recipients to:

  • Request a phone call or quote
  • Have literature automatically sent by e-mail, directly from their assigned sales rep
  • Register for upcoming events without completing forms

Digital "Body Language"
Benefit from knowing which pages are visited by your recipients (by company and individual) after their initial visit to your web site. This deeper, on-going tracking helps your sales team prioritize their lead follow-up, by focusing on the specific interests of each person who responds to your campaigns.

Dynamic & Personalized

Campaigns can be sent from your assigned sales representatives, fully personalized to your recipients. These best practices improve delivery, engagement and response rates. 


Do You Have Opportunity Gaps?

IntelliClick scores your digital responses and compares them to the amount of interaction logged by your CRM users.

The  Opportunity GAP Measurement module provides immediate scores to highlight leads that may not be getting enough attention based upon their level of interest in your products and services.

CRM Integrated Digital Marketing That Enables Your Sales Team To Act On Opportunities, At THE Opportune Time